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Fundamentals of Advanced Light Microscopy, July 2017

The "Fundamentals of Advanced Light Microscopy" is an event coorganized by the SFB 1064 Chromatin Dynamics, the SFB 914 Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease, and the Core Facility Bioimaging. The July 2017 sessions are a rerun of the Fundamentals-talks given in November 2016.

This is an extensive introduction or refresher course for advanced users in the field of light microscopy, including users of confocal microscopy. The course is geared toward scientists who are using or intend to use the Core Facility Bioimaging at the Biomedical Center, but also welcomes all others who would like to expand or refresh their knowledge of the basics principles of modern light microscopic imaging. This course will enable the participants to better understand the imaging process and thus to make better choices when selecting a microscope or microscope settings for their specific research question.

For registration please see below.

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Time and Location

Friday, 21. July 2017, 09:15 -12:30: Session 1 & 2
Friday, 28. July 2017, 09:15 -12:30: Session 3 & 4

There will be a break between sessions.

Location: Seminar room N.01.017 at the Biomedical Center


  • Basic Microscope Optics for fluorescence microscopy (1)
  • Principles of Fluorescence and Fluorescence Microscopy (2)
  • Image processing and image presentation (2)
  • Basics of Digital Imaging (2)
  • Confocal Microscopy (point scanners) (3)
  • How to record a good image (3)
  • Deconvolution (3)
  • Multi-photon: fluorescence, SHG and THG (4)
  • Superresolution microscopy: STED and other approaches (4)

The number in brackets indicate the session for which the respective topic is planned. Most topics will build on the previous ones, so it is strongly recommended to join at the beginning.

Speaker: Steffen Dietzel


To allow us an estimation of the number of participants, please register. There is no fee for registration or attendance. If you are a student and wish to claim ECTS points via your IRTG 914 or IRTG 1064, please register with your IRTG instead (and not here).

ECTS points

PhD students can claim 0.5 ECTS points for attending all four 'Fundamentals' sessions, usually through their IRTG.

Students who are users of advanced equipment at the Core Facility Bioimaging (e.g. laser scanning microscopes) and who joined the Fundamentals sessions can claim additional 0.5 ECTS points if they participate in all of the following:

  • ~3h hands-on training session at the given instrument
  • ~3h guided session at the given instrument
  • ~15h additional usage of the given microscope, to apply the knowledge 
  • Second guided session, to verify good microscope operation and to discuss advanced features.

Please note: This is intended as a possibility for regular Core Facility users to earn ECTS points for the training they receive. It is not intended as a training option for the general public. The follwing conditions apply:

  • We can make this available only to regular Core Facility users who use the microscope within a scientific project.
  • The group leader of the student has to agree to this procedure.
  • We reserve the possibiltiy to deny these 0.5 ECTS if we obtain the impression that the above steps were performed mostly to obtain the ECTS, with no acutal interest in the scientific usage of the microscopes.
  • The usual fees for usage of our microscopes apply.
  • This cannot be divided in parts to obtain a fraction of the 0.5 ECTS points.