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Hands-on trainining for specific microscopes

Hands-on training for specific microscopes provided by the core facility staff is part of the regular introduction of new users. Please see "For new users" for details.

Video Tutorials for our microscopes

To minimize the risk for SARS-CoV2 transmissions, we need to reduce face-to-face introduction time as much as possible. We ask new users to intensively study the basic microscopy principles and microscope specific workflows prior to hands on-training sessions. Please carefully watch the respective video tutorials of how to operate the microscope you requested training for.

All video tutorials - except "Introduction to our MP microscopes" - are also available via LMUcast as online streams (with chapter marks) and high quality streams (no chapter marks). Follow this link.

In this LMUcast playlist we will keep on adding helpful tutorials like

  • how to use Hybrid Detectors in photon counting mode
  • getting started with deconvolution of your images with Huygens
  • mosaic image acquisition and stitching with the LAS X Navigator tool
  • using the autofocus functions on our inverted microscopes Kellner, Brown and Alhazen
  • ...