Core Facility Bioimaging

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Confocal Room

mapThe central core facility room (N.C.02.043) contains two fully equipped Leica SP8 confocals. An upright with 405 nm and white light laser excitation and an inverted which has in addition STED, live cell, and light sheet capability

Internal phone number: 71543
Internal phone directory name: Bioimaging Mitte

  • Malpighi: Upright confocal with physiology stand

    Named after Marcello Malpighi (1628 – 1694), an Italian biologist and physician who, among other things, discovered the blood capillaries. Manufacturer's designation: Leica SP8X. Upright confocal microscope with a fixed, stable stage. 405 nm and pulsed "white light" Laser (470 - 670 nm) for excitation. Gated hybrid detectors and PMTs for detection. more

  • Kellner: Inverted confocal with STED and light sheet

    Named after Carl Kellner (1826 - 1855), German microscope builder and entrepreneur. Manufacturers designation: Leica SP8X STED 3D DLS. Inverted confocal microscope with 405 nm and pulsed "white light" Laser (470 - 670 nm). STED depletion lasers at 592, 660 and 770, the later one pulsed, for depletion in 2D and 3D. An add-on allows light sheet microscopy. Details. more

  • Jabłoński: Fluorescence microscope with CCD-Camera

    Named after Aleksander Jabłoński (1898 - 1980), a Polish physicist who developped the Jablonski diagram to explain fluorescence. Leica DM2500 upright fluorescence microscope with a sensitive black and white camera. more