Core Facility Bioimaging

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TeaserLageplan_S2The Eastern-most of the core facility rooms (N.C.02.042) allows to perform S2-experiments or other live cell experiments. It contains a  Leica SP8 equipped for multi-photon and confocal microscopy and an inverted Leica DMi8 motorized fluorescence live cell microscope.

Internal phone number: 71542
Internal phone directory name: Bioimaging Ost

  • Hooke: confocal microscope

    Named after Robert Hook (1635 – 1703), author of 'Micrographia', the world's most famous microscopy book, and inventor of the term 'cell'. Manufacturer's designation: Leica SP8. Upright microscope with a fixed, stable stage. Confocal microscope with 405, 488, 562 and 633 nm lasers.
    (Multi-photon microscopy currently not available. MP excitation continuously from 680 - 1300 nm.) more

  • Alhazen: TIRF and inverted fluorescence microscope

    Named after Alhazen, an Arab scientist around the year 1000 who is considered the inventor of the magnifying glass. Manufacturer's designation: Leica THUNDER Imager 3D Live Cell TIRF. Inverted, motorized fluorescence microscope with 488 nm excitation for TIRF more

  • Brown: Inverted motorized live cell fluorescence microscope

    Named after Robert Brown, British botanist, named the cell nucleus and discovered Brownian motion. Manufacturer's designation: Leica DMi8. Inverted fluorescence microscope with fast switchable LED excitation, motorized x,y,z movements, incubaton chamber. more