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Performing S2 experiments at the Core Facility

November 2019

The Core Facility now has permission to perform S2 experiments in Room N.C.02.42. We placed two of our microscopes in this room: Hooke, a combined multi-photon and confocal microscope, and Brown, an inverted live-cell fluorescent microscope.

The following rules apply

Legal Regulations

By definition, external S1 or S2 projects are those which are not from the Chair of Cardiovascular Physiology and thus belong to a different "gentechnische Anlage".

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are by definition organisms (including cells) which are capable to reproduce or to transfer genetic material (and are genetically modified). Therefore fixed cells are not regarded as GMOs.

If you are performing external S1-experiments (i.e. experiments with GMOs, safety level S1) in this room, you have to provide documentation of the experiments (a copy of "Formblatt Z") to the Core Facility staff and it will be stored in this room.

For already approved external S2-experiments (i.e. experiments with GMOs, safety level S2), prior to the start of the experiments in the microscope room, a notification has to be send via "Stabsstelle für Arbeitssicherheit und Nachhaltigkeit" (AuN) of the LMU to the Regierung von Oberbayern, explaining that the already approved experiments now will also conducted in room N.C.02.42. PL (Projektleiter) and BBS (Beauftragter für Biologische Sicherheit) have to be appointed with the respective LMU forms. Copies of the  documentation have to be presented to the Core Facility staff. They will be stored in this room. Work may only be started after the respective reply from AuN is presented to the Core Facility staff.

For new S2-experiments, room N.C.02.42 can be included in the application. Please notify Core Facility staff of such applications.

Briefing on handling genetically modified organisms (Unterweisung nach dem Gentechnikgesetz) has to be performed at the user's institute.

All users will familiarize themselves with the local operating instructions (Betriebsanweisung), in particular with disinfection rules.

Work Rules for S2 experiments

The facility staff has to be informed of any S2 experiments in advance. The room will be labeled on the outside during the course of the experiments and a note will be made in the booking calendar for all microscopes in the room.

During S2 experiments everyone in the room has to wear blue lab coats. That includes people at the other microscope, no matter what they are working on. Blue lab coats are provided in the room. They must be taken off before leaving the room.

Users have to bring containers for their autoclave waste and take them with them after the experiments in a firmly closed state. All surfaces that possibly came in contact with S2 organisms have to be disinfected according to the operating instructions (Betriebsanweisung).

The signs outside the room indicating running S2-experiments can be taken down 24 hours after the disinfection.