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New confocal arrives at the Core Facility Bioimaging

Thanks to an agreement with Leica Microsystems users of the Core Facility now have access to the latest technology.


Leica Microsystems and the Core Facility Bioimaging reached an agreement that further supports our longstanding partnership. Leica provides one of their newest confocal microscopes to be housed in the Core Facility rooms. Here Leica can use it for customer demonstrations. At other times, the instrument will be available to regular users of the Core Facility.

The microscope, a Stellaris 8 FALCON, provides an extended wavelenght range compared to other or older confocals. It also provides full support for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM). A detailed description of this microscope can be found on its instrument page.

The instrument is currently being installed. The Core Facility staff will familiarize themselves with the new hardware and software first. It will be available to our users probably from November on.