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Invitation to the Inauguration Symposium on 17. Feburary 2016

"Plasticity of Cell Programs as Visualized by Advanced Microscopy Techniques"


The Core Facility Bioimaging at the new Biomedical Center (BMC) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and our collaboration partner Leica Microsystems cordially invite you to the symposium

"Plasticity of Cell Programs as visualized by advanced microscopy techniques"
on Feburary 17th, 2016, 14:00,

an event to celebrate the opening of the Core Facility Bioimaging. The site is the new building of the BMC, located in Martinsried. We are fortunate to be joined by five international speakers who will present insights into various aspects of cellular programs by using advanced microscopy imaging techniques.

The Core Facility Bioimaging provides access to state of the art light microscopy systems. It is organized and provided by the Walter-Brendel-Zentrum für Experimentelle Medizin, one of eight chairs that form the BMC. Together the BMC chairs accommodate about 60 research groups with 450 employees. The common theme of research at the BMC is the plasticity of cellular programs, a topic that is relevant to areas as diverse as physiology, molecular biology, immunology, and cell biology. The Core Facility is a European Reference Center for Leica Microsystems.

Scientific Talks:
* Using FIT probes and Super-Resolution Microscopy to study mRNP Assembly in Developing Oocytes, Imre Gaspar, EMBL Heidelberg
* Mitochondrial signalling: a crossroad between physiology and pathology, Elisa Greotti, University of Padua
* Imaging the vascular systems during morphogenesis and disease, Friedemann Kiefer, MPI Münster
* Disease mechanisms of heart failure, William Louch, University of Oslo
* Caught in the act: imaging the micro-anatomical mechanisms of neural plasticity, Valentin Nägerl, Université de Bordeaux

The detailed program is listed on this poster (pdf, 324 kb).
Please register for the event at:

Registration is free of charge.