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Phase Microscopy workshop in October

Workshop on label-free microscopy on11. and 12. October 2023


The Core Facility Bioimaging and Nanolive conduct a workshop on October 11th & 12th here at the BMC. Nanolive microscopes visualize refractive mismatches in the sample. Thus cellular components such as mitochondria, lipid droplets, nuclear envelope or nucleoli can be nicely visualized without labeling in living cells. Below is a sample image of what could be expected. While the physical principle behind the imaging is somewhat complicated, the handling of the microscope is not. Essentially you just put your sample, a glass bottom Petri-dish or ibidi-slide or the like, on the stage and start imaging. This technique can be combined with fluorescence.

Nanolive will give an introductory talk on Wednesday, 11. Oct. at 10:00 in seminar room N02.011, teaching wing of the BMC. Afterwards there will be several hands-on slots available for your samples. The microscope will be installed at the Core Facility rooms for those days. If you are interested to visualize your favorite cells and book a hands-on slot, please contact Nanolive at

For more information on the system please see the Nanolive Website (nice movies on the home page).

Example image of a living cell taken with a nanolive microscope:

nanolive image